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The idea of ​​founding the "First School of Astrology Humanistic Education"In Italy is the need to bring astrology to the dignity it deserves and which has already achieved a number of years in countries such as England, the United States and France thanks to the seriousness and commitment of teachers who have founded schools whose validity and professionalism has been recognized by various Faculty Humanities.

Accredited SchoolFormation School

Training course

The training course in Evolutionary Astrology / Humanistic It is structured in 3 years more 1 optional Guidance and training (mandatory for those who want to make the profession).

Preparatory Course

This During astrology It has finalized the approach of the matter and introduces the knowledge of the laws governing astrology, to the knowledge of the symbolism of the signs, of planets and houses.

Experiential Course

The course target to integrate humanistic astrology with a good path of self-knowledge in order to find and put into practice and experience the common bonds of the two disciplines.

Seminar Theme

To allow you to be able to pursue its "mission", ERIDANOSCHOOL also offers a large number of themed seminars which may be of particular interest also for people who use astrology in a "professional".

On-line training

Eridanoschool has decided to put at disposal of all those who, for logistical reasons or the distance, They are unable to attend our three year course in psychological astrology in one of our locations..
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Online preparatory course

The online course is "listening". Structured in 27 one-hour lessons and each provides an excellent base of knowledge of the subject. With the online course, the student can connect at the most appropriate time and access the Astrology lessons from home.

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Astrology articles by Lidia Fassio

The articles you find in this section of the site are written by Lidia Fassio, by students and by many collaborators who wish to share their way of understanding the discipline in order to allow a continuous growth of people interested in the subject.

Astrology Articles

The articles you find in this section of the site are written by Lidia Fassio, by students and by many collaborators who wish to share their way of understanding the discipline in order to allow a continuous growth of people interested in the subject.

Headings Astrology

In this section you will find a lot of astrological material divided by topics: obviously astrology is a language that serves to describe and interpret reality for which it can be applied to any topic. In this section you will find psychology rubrics, of cinema, the fairy tales interpreted, actuality, myth, etc. Enjoy the reading.

A school of Astrology

In the section "A school of Astrology"You can read interesting articles from the lessons of Astrology courses.

The Transit of Pluto to the Sun

The Transit of Pluto to the Sun

The transit of Pluto to the Sun is a journey of great transformation in which the adept (the subject who experiences the transit) he will have to face a real descent into hell, followed by an inevitable initiation, not postponable. We often talk about ...

Gino Faraco

Free Video Conference with Gino Faraco
teacher of tarology of ERIDANOSCHOOL

SIGNS AND HONOR – For a symmetry between the Zodiac Signs and the Honors of the Tarot de Marseille.

Just like the Zodiac Signs, the figures of the Honors of the Tarot undoubtedly describe, more peculiarly than anything else within the deck, a survey of “human characters”. Was, just saying, an intuitive incident in the field of counseling that led me to observe the correspondence between some characteristics attributable to the Zodiac Signs, on one side, and the character of the characters described by the figures of the Honors of the Tarot on the other…

Thursday 6 April – h. 19,00 via ZOOM platform

“To you Cancer I give the task of letting men know the nature of emotions. My idea will make you laugh and cry, so that everything they see and think will gradually develop in them a sense of inner fullness. For this purpose I will make you a gift of the Family, so that your fullness can thus multiply ".
Cancer is a Cardinal Sign - with Yin energy

1° sign of the water element
Primary domicile of the Moon - (nourishment - emotional containment - sensitivity - premonition - tenderness - satisfaction of needs - feminine - principle of primary relationship)
Exaltation of Venus - ( pleasure principle - capacity for affective exchange - adult relationship - personal value - self-esteem - evaluation - desire – choice).

It is the second sign that appears on the cross of cardinal signs; the man born in the first cardinal sign, it is here that you have to learn to perceive your own and others' emotions and begin to understand that, the same, they can bring information beyond the person. It is the first phase of "feeling", or rather of noticing what the other feels and feels from oneself. Cancer is a strongly empathic sign, but not yet able to differentiate the emotions for which what he feels is often spoiled by his own emotional tonality and his own vision of the world.

Often hypersensitive e, for this, too vulnerable. It confuses what belongs to what does not belong. He is afraid of losing contact and, for this, can easily manage and manipulate the emotions of others in order to maintain this contact.

Everything that happened in the previous sign on the plane of thought, here it must take place on an emotional level. It is as if the natives had to find "home", find out what feeds them from within in order to find emotional roots.

It is said everywhere that "horoscopes" that can be found in newspapers and on Internet sites are not valid because they represent the most superficial part of astrology. However, the horoscope of the month is always the most read part of any magazine that deals with this matter. Why then, if it has no validity is so frequently consulted?

Undoubtedly we all agree on one point: l’horoscope of the sign of the month it cannot be considered something "personal" and does not even claim it. The horoscope for the month is based on the unceasing progress of the Sun. - center of our system - and on the personal planets that, being much closer to it, they find themselves following him and giving a certain energetic coloring at the moment.

The yearly horoscope is the study of the main planetary energies of the year compared to the sun sign of birth. It offers the reader a chance to understand the main symbols so that you can indulge in the best possible way.

So you can read what are the main archetypes that will be activated within you. They will be the expression of the needs of your self which calls the ego to grow and orient itself if it is not in line with the solar project.

The horoscope of the year that we propose is written by Lidia Fassio and is a small contribution to better perceive the meanings of both the great energies and the more subtle but still important ones.

For each sign there will be a general description of the transits of the year and a section dedicated to affectivity

Personalized horoscope

Years of consultancy have confirmed more and more how useful this matter can be for those who want to get to know each other, to those who are simply fascinated by human nature with its countless facets and potential.


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