From today it is possible to enroll in our training courses also online.

Eridanoschool has decided to put at disposal of all those who, for logistical reasons or the distance, they are unable to attend our three-year course in psychological astrology in one of our locations. We have thus created a new formula that will allow all those interested to access our three-year course while sitting comfortably in front of the computer or home TV. The course will take place starting from the month of October with weekly meetings of 4 hours each using the webinar platform. The timetable of the course will be agreed among all in order to find a timetable that will suit all course participants.

Lessons are held by dr. Lidia Fassio, founder and director of Eridanoschool and by teachers of the school.

For those who attend the online training course, the same type of recognition is provided (Erdanoschool diploma) of those who took the classroom course, it being understood that the students pass the annual exam and prepare the final thesis expected at the end of the third year. Otherwise the diploma will not be delivered even if the course has been attended in full. The 4 weekly hours include half an hour dedicated to questions.

Lessons will be held from October 2020 in June 2021 always at the same time. The course is structured in a way to do, every month, the same lesson hours as those attending the classroom course. The cost will be of 200 monthly euros (relative a 4 lessons) and payment must be made in advance.

Upon registration you pay 100 euros that are valid for all years of training. Those who want to pay in one solution will have a discount of 200 euro.

At the end of each lesson, the last half hour will be reserved for questions that can be formulated directly by students who want clarifications or insights related to the lesson just carried out.. The absent students will receive the recording of the lesson they were unable to attend the day after. The lesson will be broadcast with we transfer.

A test meeting will be held before the start of the course. Members will be promptly informed of the date.

For additional information on costs and registration, please contact or write to or call the 338 5217099. Registration must be done by 30 of September.

A test meeting will be held, the date of which will be communicated to all members.

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