The idea of ​​founding the "First School of Astrology Humanistic Education” in Italia nasce dalla necessità di riportare l’Astrologia alla dignità che merita e che ha in paesi come L’Inghilterra, the United States and France, thanks to the seriousness and commitment of Lidia Fassio and a team of teachers who, with her, they shared the project.

Eridanoschool's goal has always been aimed at prepare students not only in the astrological discipline but to carry out the profession of counselor, able to follow clients with agreed paths aimed at overcoming their difficulties and improving life.

Today all this is possible given that Eridanoschool is an accredited school for training holistic counselors and holistic operators with an astrological orientation., with a certified professionalism that is obtained after following the entire school process and proving to have a preparation not only in astrological subjects but in all counseling and communication techniques.

Eridanoschool therefore proposes itself as the first Italian training center for counselors and astrological operators.

To this end, Eridanoschool makes use of a team of teachers who are experts in all the subjects necessary to guarantee training, la pratica professionale e la crescita personale rispettando il codice deontologico dell’UNI-PRO.

Eridanoschool combines theoretical training with a substantial practical part through lessons, Master Class, Experiential workshops, personal and group training that make the school a pilot project in the panorama of national counseling, also making it unique in guaranteeing a complete study, thorough and valid of the astrological subject and its applicability in a recognized profession that will begin after having taken tests, Internship, exams certifying eligibility and a final thesis.

Eridano School guarantees its students continuous updating over time by issuing ECP training credits that, for healthcare professionals they can be converted into ECM. At the end of the course, students will be able to register in the appropriate UNI-PRO registers after passing the deontology and professional ethics exam.