The Astrological Consultation it allows each individual who approaches this subject to identify all his inner characters, represented in the natal chart by the planets that, could be considered the "Gods", the lords of the personal Pantheon; in the Greek world all the gods were to be worshiped, no one could be denigrated or forgotten why, when this happened, the God in question ended up getting angry and taking revenge.

The planets represent the archetypal and energetic patterns, if some of them are denied , because they don't like them either, simply, because it is not easy to use those functions, these will eventually boycott the other energies, preventing the subject in question from living an internal and external situation of harmony and serenity.
This is how they will try to get noticed and find a way to be present and admitted to the honor of the personal pantheon.

In this way, those functions that have been a source of suffering or fear for the individual also ask to be honored and rehabilitated, thus also finding the possibility of being able to experience the whole of nature with all its potential and not just part of it.
An astrological reading it can allow you to see immediately the blocked and disowned points of a person; can identify the consequences that this denigration can have, also indicating the areas of life in which the discomfort will be perceived with intensity.

This type of reading will greatly help raise awareness and promote the integration of those parts that are not experienced; we all prefer to express certain sides of our nature and struggle with others; thus a man who lived in a family where extraordinary importance was given to the rational control of his emotions, will be very uncomfortable when faced with situations of high emotional intensity e, in his birth chart, a Moon square to Saturn will triumph and will unequivocally underline its block, the need to "cool or even freeze" his emotional part. This block will interfere in his relationship life for a long time, sector in which he will always feel uncomfortable because he will not be able to express what he feels and in which he will be afraid of being dominated by his companions.

A astrological advice it can help the person in question to become more familiar with this dimension of his life.
For a person who believes he is only "rational", knowing that you also have a powerful "intuitive and creative" part, it can foster the development of a greater wholeness and it can also lead it to experience potentialities that otherwise would have remained silent; all to favor a journey of greater authenticity.

This kind of reading can, Moreover, make sense of a person's suffering, helping her to grasp the feeling of not being "determined" by external forces, but to be simply conditioned by "internal forces" on which there may be ample possibilities for intervention.

Understand when they are activated inside energies of "change" it can make a person discover that particular sense of discomfort which for some time has made him anxious and dissatisfied, it is nothing more than the activation of an internal need that asks to be recognized and helped to express itself.

All this can lead to the user a greater possibility of perceiving what is happening in his internal world and how this world tries to connect with the external experience; it also provides the perception of a "cyclical nature" of life and phases in which one must necessarily face changes and transformations that alternate with phases of construction and structuring.

Lastly, astrological counseling, as well as other forms of counseling it can favor the development of human relationships, it can promote greater personal autonomy and can allow the development of qualities that have been dormant for a long time.

Astrological counseling it stands as a discipline among those that tend to make the most of human relationships and human resources and that can help paths of self-awareness.