This During astrology It has finalized the approach of the matter and introduces the knowledge of the laws governing astrology, to the knowledge of the symbolism of the signs, of planets and houses, going through a small knowledge base of psychology.

The course is to be understood ” introductory” and opens to higher courses that will deepen the subject until they have mastered the interpretation of the birth chart.

teacher : Lidia Fassio
Evolutionary and archetypal psychology scholar, expert in symbolism, mythology and psychosomatic medicine.
From beyond 25 years he is interested in astrology and its connections with psychology. He holds courses, seminars and conferences throughout Italy.
Gives 15 years he holds training courses for astrologers.
E’ of Turin, city ​​where he lives and works.

What is humanistic and psychological astrology

The course will be divided into 5 one-day meetings
with time 10:00 – 13:00 e 15:00 – 19:00.
The cost is 450 Euro + VAT.

  • What is astrology
  • What does astrology use
  • The relationship between heaven and earth
  • Constellations and zodiac signs
  • What an astrology student must have on the table
  • The Sun and the Moon: and Luminari
  • Personality in astrology
  • The energy of 12 signs
  • The planets at home
  • The Sun project
  • What are personal planets
  • Mercury - Venus and Mars
  • What are the transitional planets
  • Jupiter and Saturn
  • The structure of personality
  • I 3 transpersonal planets
  • Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
  • Our becoming
  • The planetary aspects