The training course in Evolutionary Astrology / Humanistic It is structured in 3 years more’ one optional Guidance and training (mandatory for those who want to make the profession).

The course aims to train people to be initiated into the profession of “astrological advice” providing them with the necessary tools to be able to competently read a birth chart and therefore be able to operate as full-fledged consultants having behind them, in addition to the knowledge of astrological matter, even one knowledge base of psychology, of the “counselling” and communication and interview techniques.

The course includes the passing exams at the end of each academic year e, in order to obtain the final certificate, must have done a minimum of 40 hours of astrological counseling in group and individual, supported by a supervisor.

At the end of the entire cycle it must be discussed one “THESIS”, whose topic will be chosen by mutual agreement between the student and the teachers.

The training course in Evolutionary Astrology / Humanistic it is open to anyone with a high school diploma; in opposite case, the school will reserve the right to have an interview with the interested party in order to establish any access possibilities.

At the time of registration it is necessary produce the photocopy of the Diploma in plain paper together with two photographs for the Eridano School card.

Teachers of the astrological training course

The teachers of Eridano School are selected by the School Management and by Lidia Fassio among the most qualified names in the panorama of Italian astrology or among professionals in the sector related to the subject they teach.
Eridano School is the guarantor of their professionalism and seriousness.


Each year there is a assessment exam of the work done; passing the same offers the right to enroll for the following year.
Alla end of the three-year period, a real is expected examination (written and oral) able to establish and evaluate the degree of preparation of the future expert in astrological counseling.

L’3rd year exam and the discussion of final thesis is indispensable for the’enrollment in the 4th year of specialization.


  1. The Astrological Houses and the Evolution of the Ego - Part I, Lidia Fassio
  2. The Astrological Houses and the Evolution of the Ego - Part II teacher Clara Tozzi
  3. La Luna - Lidia Fassio teacher
  4. Il Sole - Teacher Lidia Fassio
  5. The structure of the personality - Lidia Fassio teacher
  6. Interpretation technique - teacher Lidia Fassio - Interpretation of natal themes
  7. Astrological technique – teacher Sandra Zagatti
  8. Introduction to personal planets – Mercury - Lidia Fassio teacher
  9. Venere - teacher Lidia Fassio
  10. Mars - Lidia Fassio teacher
  1. Interpretation of natal themes - teacher Lidia Fassio
  2. The transition planets: Jupiter : the bridge towards the transpersonal - by Lidia Fassio
  3. Saturn - Bone and structure - part – teacher Lidia Fassio
  4. Saturn - Bone and structure -IIª part – teacher Lidia Fassio
  5. Astrological Technique - Part II - teacher Sandra Zagatti
  6. Astronomy for Astronomers - Professor Giovanni Pelosini
  7. Uranus and subtle energies - teacher Lidia Fassio
  8. Nettuno: the dissolution of barriers - teacher Lidia Fassio
  9. Pluto: The thousand transformations - Lidia Fassio teacher
  1. Interpretation of natal themes - teacher Lidia Fassio
  2. Introduction to transit - general seminar - Lidia Fassio teacher
  3. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn - teacher Lidia Fassio
  4. The transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - Lidia Fassio teacher
  5. Interpretation of transits - Lidia Fassio teacher
  6. Introduction to counseling - 1st seminar - teacher Angela Legnetti
  7. Progressions: internal times - teacher Clara Tozzi
  8. Couple dynamics - Lidia Fassio teacher
  9. Parenting archetypes - teacher Lidia Fassio
  10. Interpretation of the themes of synastry and integrated - Lidia Fassio teacher
  1. Family dynamics - Lidia Fassio teacher
  2. Toxic loves - teacher Lidia Fassio
  3. Revisional techniques and solar revolution - teacher Sandra Zagatti
  4. Counseling - 2nd meeting - teacher Angela Legnetti
  5. The Sub Personalities - Lidia Fassio teacher
  6. World Astrology - Teacher Sandra Zagatti
  7. The Plutonian dynamics - teacher Lidia Fassio
  8. Counseling III meeting - teacher Angela Legnetti
  9. Astrology and Psychosomatic Medicine - Lidia Fassio teacher
  10. Complete psychological birth chart interpretation


  • First year students will have to take an exam in which they will have to provide proof of being able to write a birth chart by hand.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic techniques.
  • They will have to be able to indicate the childhood phases in the reading of astrological houses.
  • They will have to be able to identify an individual's project and recognize the differences between the need for solar realization and intimate needs, as well as providing information on personality structure.
  • Students must provide proof of being able to identify the personality of the subject examined in a birth chart, recognizing any cognitive blocks, affective and personal affirmation
  • Show that you are able to identify the various sub personalities by reading the birth chart
  • Know the meaning of the word “counselling”.
  • Identify and interpret a birth chart properly by appropriately exposing the main dynamics that will require personal work.
  • Students will need to provide evidence that they are familiar with the techniques of planetary transits and cycles and they will, also, provide proof of knowing how to define the differences between the various forecasting techniques on a theoretical level.
  • They will have to provide proof that they can interpret a birth chart according to the main rules learned in counseling courses; they will have to demonstrate an impromptu astrological reading in front of a commission of teachers.
  • They will have to be able to recognize the parental archetypes that are present in a birth chart.
  • Those who finish in the third year must submit a written thesis on a topic chosen from those indicated by the teachers.
  • Students will have to interpret an unknown birth chart, in writing, and instead they will have to face a real consultation with a subject whose date was given the previous evening.
  • They will have to provide proof of knowing well the techniques of reading a couple synastry, underlining the main couple dynamics.
  • They will have to prove that they recognize the main dynamics by examining the themes of an entire family.
  • The final thesis will consist in presenting a personal work agreed with the teachers during the year.


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