Hindu legend

Once, all men were gods: however, they abused their status and power so much that Brama, the Lord of the Gods, he decided to take the divinity from them and hide it in a safe place where man could not find it. The great dilemma of where to hide divine power then arose.
Brama then summoned all the other gods and asked them for suggestions to solve the problem. The Gods said: we hide the divinity underground - but Brama replied that it would not be enough because men would have dug and found it. Then the Gods replied: let's throw the divinity into the depths of the ocean - but Brama said it was not good because man would one day be able to probe the depths of the seas and find his treasure.
The gods, disappointed and embarrassed, they gave up and thought that there would be no safe place because sooner or later man would find what he was looking for. At that point, however, Brama had a great intuition and said: here is how we will do it, we will hide the divinity deep within themselves because that is the only place where they will never think of going to look for it!
The legend ends like this: man has traveled around the world, he climbed, he explored, he dived and dug, always in search of himself without ever being able - except in very rare cases - to find himself.

There are many schools of thought compared to astrological matter: all have their own dignity and meet different needs and expectations.
The humanistic and psychological perspective it concerns those people who are interested in the aspect of personal knowledge and who see in this tool a chance for growth and development, placing itself in a situation of active protagonists, of people driven by the need to become "individuals" , discover and try to understand the nature of the energy patterns that inspire and move their becoming and which are very well highlighted in the personal zodiac chart.

Starting from this way of approaching the reading of a christmas theme we are slowly taken by the hand and accompanied to understand the why of things, the models that have developed and those that have stopped, researching through symbols which are the schemes that can activate the potential, which act automatically and coercively and which must be brought to light and transformed in order to release the energy contained therein so that it can be exploited by the person for a more creative and more personal use.

Seen in this light, astrology no longer has anything to do with the mantic of the past, through which we tried to guess the destiny of an individual, but it becomes a real instrument of investigation and knowledge able to highlight the project that takes shape starting from childhood to be slowly revealed to the subject who can thus act as the true interpreter who can fully manage it on the scene of the own life.
Thus understood astrology also loses the role that in the collective imagination it linked it to divination (that encapsulated man in an external and pre-packaged destiny) and instead returns it to its ancient role of "initiatory esoteric science" which wanted it more simply, but in my opinion more nobly, tool for interpreting the analogy and sympathy existing between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Astrology in the last twenty years has been somewhat emptied of its high content e, therefore, not only misunderstood, ma, mostly, misinterpreted, while, in reality it is a very ancient discipline based on perennial universal laws, scientific and, as such accessible to the rational mind and to logical-causal thinking, but it also has an intuitive-artistic aspect that inserts it more into an artistic concept; it also has the path that leads to a real approach to the knowledge of being that is expressed, however, with rules that are foreign to reason, because this cannot open itself to metaphysics but relies on the perception and sensation that are both limited because they are forced to sacrifice the totality to proceed with the study of partiality.

Astrology has a side that is very close to the approach with the Absolute which is placed beyond the ordering categories of our mind or our empirical consciousness and requires the intervention of the analogical-symbolic function which is more linked to Tradition than to Modernity, as more able to translate and grasp the essence of a symbol that represents the bridge, the passage between the Original Principle of things , that is, between the absolute and transcendent reality and the immanent reality.
Through the symbol, man manages to bridge the great gap between objective reality and its meaning - the latter - inaccessible in its essence and completeness.
Astrology uses a real symbolic language in which, clearly there is a manifest part that everyone can see but also hides a more numinous and dark part that escapes consciousness and reality.
In a word, the symbol allows for a more subtle and therefore not visible spiritual reality, to be able to manifest itself through a material aspect of reality and allows the interpreter to be able to grasp and understand it.

This part is perceived by the analogue consciousness that, unlike the rational-linear one, it is circular and is activated through the intuition that creates and produces sudden flashes that rise from the unconscious, towards the conscience and which is the royal road to make the individual Self adhere to the greater cosmic Self.

The intuition function is certainly one of the greatest cognitive potential of man; it happens when facts that are apparently completely irreconcilable and with no apparent link are suddenly "seen" as a whole and, only in that moment everything seems to be in order and to clarify what until then had been inexplicable . Often this type of understanding has the effect of a revelation ; intuition therefore arises as an intermediate faculty between the unconscious and consciousness and has the function of relating the irrational and apparently meaningless world of instincts , with the world of consciousness , at the same time creating a bridge with the world of universal consciousness.

Once, intuition - called "noesi" – was considered able to grasp the sacred foundations of the Absolute Being while reason - also called "dianoia" – it was considered a "secondary" mode of knowledge.

Today we know very well that rational intelligence needs to dissect and divide the continuity of reality in order to construct rules and classification schemes , but in this construction he alters the meaning of what he analyzes; it is no coincidence that when we talk about this modality of our psyche we talk about "reflection", and with this word we represent the impossibility of the rational brain to incorporate knowledge that is not precisely "reflected", that is, transformed by the action of the mind ;this function is strongly different from the "illuminating" one expressed by intuition.
Renè Guénon argues that pure intelligence is that of intuition because it expresses the animating and vital principles at the basis of the essence of the Universe , while the rational one indicates the rules and general laws governing the same.

Astrology is one of the few disciplines capable of providing us on the one hand it speaks to us of a return to the very source of the Origin of the Whole responsible for the eternal generation of things , of its cycles and its changes and on the other it refers to the individual life that starts from conception that opens to the personal cycle that will be repeated in the eternal mirror-confrontation with the universal one. Astrology allows us to understand exactly the link between phylogeny and ontogenesis What we all consider "destiny" is actually an enclosed project, it is the prodigious individual psychobiological potential that will organize itself in a complex and sophisticated way as long as it finds in life those elements that are necessary for it to be able to reveal itself and disclose. What we call destiny can be defined, in psychological terms, the original Self, a sort of trace-matrix that in each individual starts from Being and will try to bring it to Becoming. It is therefore obvious that, in the moment that a new life takes light, will come into contact with the outside world, which will constitute the terrain of comparison on which to write personal history that will intertwine with the collective one: a sort of common thread in which the internal weft will meet the internal warp to weave the canvas of the future personality. Since then, two fundamental trends will coexist: one will push us to return to that heavenly world from which it originated, and the other will push towards a continuous becoming. Each of these two tendencies will confront forces that will either favor or hinder the impulses. The final product will be the result of what the ego, entity that acts as an intermediary of experience between the two tendencies, will manage to integrate into consciousness.

The ego is formed on perceived experiences rather than on real experience. On this basis, the birth chart can therefore be perceived as the original Project of the Self, which will operate through the ego and in which all potentials are registered, the basic equipment with which everyone faces the journey and with what it can potentially become. The signatures that the planets will make between them will indicate through which type of experience the subject will have to go through and the greater or lesser difficulty in bringing it to consciousness: the disharmonious aspects can, for example, signal phases in which the ego has had to defend itself from experiences that could not be integrated, postponing its processing to moments of greater maturity.

The birth chart then becomes a very important tool in the hands of a person who knows how to interpret the symbols correctly; something that does not tell us "what" we are, taking for granted a rigid and determined nature, but that tells us what potentials we have to direct our energies, how to best use them to carry out our evolutionary project in a conscious way. It will represent with extreme precision and clarity the points where the energies are blocked and where we are hindered not by something external but by conditions that act and work within us automatically, without the ego having control over it. And it is at this point that the astrologer acts as a fundamental intermediary and interpreter for the consultant, as, more than providing him with information on his future, can provide a comprehensive picture of how the various functions are organized within his psychic structure, highlighting the blocks, removals, the crystallizations responsible for its behavior.