The North Node in the 2nd house indicates a personal journey in which it is necessary to personally build a series of certainties and personal values ​​that are able to give meaning to a person's life.

Everyone needs to be able to count on some basic security; for those who have the knot in IIa the word "security" does not always sound like something known but as something that must be achieved and experienced. There is a great internal emptiness, but it is essential to learn how to build a safe world for yourself and for those around you without living inside a cage that imprisons and prevents the necessary changes that must be favored.

In order to be truly independent and have certainties that start from the internal world, it will be necessary to discover what are the deep and true resources that one possess: for this reason it is necessary to identify what personal values ​​are, regardless of what was sent or requested; this will serve to know what you really want and through what choices you can conquer it. Understanding what is truly important to oneself beyond what are the desires of those around them can give a sense of greater gratification as well as providing the basic bricks to build a sense of solidity and belonging to one's environment and to one's own. world, without depending on it, nor cling to this or escape from it.

Those who have this knot tend to feel part of the traditions, even if at times it may have the impression of being foreign to what is around you, however, it will be embedded in a culture and a family, and cannot fail to recognize the importance of all this even if he will have to make choices without personal without being conditioned or living outside what matters or his own personal values. The internal force can have a more stable structure if it is supported by something that can also be tangible and visible: concreteness will be a tool that can be used in the difficult journey of knowledge of the value of things and people to work on a more solid sense of identity. Being able to say "I built this" can be a source of security for those who have the knot in the second house.

Discover the resources to make them usable.

Those who arrive from a southern node in the 8th house know they have a personal power that helps and supports at any time, however, he must learn to recognize it more than anyone else; he must respect the feelings of others and know well what others have; it will not be possible to abuse all this and even less to appropriate it; be it things or emotions or affections, you will have to face the risk of having to let go without clinging to and without getting rid of what you don't feel right. The fears that are often felt and that push to control or manipulate are the real enemies to be fought from within; they lead to the destruction of what one would like to build instead.

The right sense of possession must concern the things that you have in your inner world and that make you feel you have "substance" and "security" and precisely because if you possess these qualities there will be no need to always be on the defensive towards the world and therefore you will live a better life. Otherwise you will never feel safe and you will always need to hold onto what you have for fear of losing or seeing your security fade..

Identifying what the potential and resources are means knowing what can be refined, master and make it fully usable in order to gain those certainties that you are looking for by hinging on innate potential. When you have found what it nourishes from within that will be what you really "own" and then you will be able to do anything with your own strength and you will no longer be afraid to get involved for what you want and want.

It takes a simpler approach to life

The mentality that has been developed often leads to not trusting too much the outside world and others; Instead, there is a real need to regain confidence in oneself and in the world and to discover that not everything is convoluted and complicated but that, more often than you think, things are simpler and more linear, it is enough to see the light side and not always look for the underground implications in every situation; it is the mistrust and personal fears that make us wobble from within; facing life openly without too many strategies, you will learn to enter into relationships with others without fear of being betrayed or overwhelmed: a more relaxed and open approach will return in the form of greater well-being and serenity and will allow you to get out of the continuous stressful states in which you fall. It is necessary to proceed gradually towards a more concrete and realistic but also clearer and more open vision of the world; perceiving what nature makes available by trusting the genuineness and authenticity of the five senses is an experience that can fill the heart that is often disenchanted and no longer enjoys anything due to too much distrust. Being able to surround yourself with what can make life enjoyable, true and disinterested affections without being disturbed by the idea of ​​being ousted, it will be a great relief because it will allow you to get rid of a complicated and somewhat distorted way of dealing with things.

If we can grasp the beauty of simplicity, you will realize that gradually the world around will also become a source of greater trust and will repay with a true appreciation of the essence of things.

The right balance between taking and giving

Perhaps these subjects come from a situation in which they have suffered a lot; it is as if inside there were memories of difficulties that condition us to live apparently detached from things and affections to stem the fear of facing the pain that arises from change and from having to take leave of things, forgetting, however, that everything that has been lived and built inside belongs to us and no one will be able to take it away but will feed a sense of true "substance" that cannot be lost anymore. Surely there is an imbalance that has led to being excessively defended and closed risking much more than necessary because we end up investing too many emotions in issues that have to do with "power" and with the "fear of losing it" rather than with the feelings.

The issues of "having and giving" have not yet been fully revisited and now we are called to find the right balance; nothing in life remains the same forever because everything is in constant transformation and it is time to be able to live fully in the "here and now" without all those reservations that then lead to mulling over what has been, what should have been done and what was not done. Learn to "give" naturally without contortions and without always taking into account the giving of having and without getting caught up in the fear that if you give too much you will end up "losing"; these are two of the great lessons that life requires you to learn.

There is no fear of building things for fear of their transformation, everything in life is movement and everything is cyclical; everything that seems to go away actually allows the construction of something different and new and just by looking at nature and its continuos, unstoppable transformations it can be understood that this is the way. Feeding the need to build things and seeing that these feed the world of securities is something miraculous.

INTEGRATION between the two nodes

Sharing - an important experience

The great work on its resources and values ​​will lead to discover that what you have is much more than what you always thought you had; indeed, what you have inside is what no one can ever take away. It great C.G. Jung said that what we have and what is truly ours is what we have left after we have lost everything on the outside; this is to make it clear that it is from what one feels as one's own that the strength and security can come that will then allow us to face the world with confidence, certain that in any situation you can be yourself having the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

This will favor an increase in the true sense of identity that will be consolidated and strengthened through the certainty of not being "poor and needy", but also feeling full of riches that will simply want to express themselves. This experience will accompany you to share the things you have and possess with someone else without fear of losing your personal power.. A real sense of mastery of what you are will help you manage what you have and never smuggle "being with having". It should be remembered that only "rich" people can truly give: and if you are rich inside there will be nothing to fear and much less that the others take something away.

edited by Lidia Fassio